African elephants may be the biggest animal on Earth but did you know that they are also a vulnerable species?
  African elephants can trumpet 10 octaves
 and eat grass, leaves, bamboo, bark, and roots. They have extremely good memories and their ears' large surface area can protect them from the sun. Their ears can also communicate with each other.

    They also can hear another elephant from around 2.5 miles away.The height of an African elephant is 11 feet tall at the shoulder. Their average weight is 6 tons, although the females are lighter by a little. African elephants are 19 - 24 feet long, from trunk to tail. Their scientific name is loxodonta africana and they live in tropical forests, grasslands, and savannahs. They are vulnerable because they are losing their habitats and their numbers are decreasing.

    African elephants are being hunted because of their ivory tusks. They are also hunted for their meat. Ivory is the biggest drive for elephant poaching 
is the ivory tusks that you can make into bracelets and statues. The illegal ivory trade has skyrocketed and people in Africa national reserves have taken to sawing off the tusks of elephants because poachers come and kill the whole elephant for just the tusks. The African elephants are classified as vulnerable because poaching has killed off many of their numbers.

    In conclusion, the poaching of African elephants is getting better because their status has gone from endangered to vulnerable.