Have yoafrica animationu ever heard of Ebola? Probably since it's all over the news... Sadly theres's been an Ebola outbreak in Africa. Millions have died. Also, there is no cure. Ebola is like a fever but with worse symptoms like Severe bleeding and going into coma's. Luckly not meny cases have been reported in the USA. Docters have found better ways to treat people with Ebola. However, there is still no cure. Symptoms range from headaces to organ failure. There's only 2 main ways to prevent it and thats to wash your hands and to stay out of contact with infected people. It's mainly transmitted through blood and body fluids. If a family member has dies they recomend not to go to the berial do to the risk of getting infected. Hopfuly in the future they find a cure for Ebola. Dispite no cure, it's still getting better due to technology.