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Dive Education

Education is taken very seriously in BSAC. The high level of competency is reflected in our safety records. 

Branch Education

Blue Barracuda Club, like all BSAC braches, train and dive in a 'club environment'. Diving as a club allows newer and junior members to build up experience and knowledge under supervision of Instructors and senior members. Acquiring the required knowledge and skills, rather than the certification card or price, is the focus in our dive courses.

Blue Barracuda Club also has numerous members who have a strong personal interest in Advanced and Technical diving techniques, which contribute to the club's level of knowledge beyond recreational sport diving.

Blue Barracuda Club frequently benefits from guest instructors such as Jack Ingle (Technical Consultant, BSAC National Diving Committee, UK), as well as other established National Instructors (see Instructor Qualifications).

All our divers are trained to a minimal of BSAC Sport Diver level, which BSAC international considers as equivalent to the Confederation Mondiales Des Activities Subaquatiques (CMAS) 2 Star Diver, or a PADI Rescue Diver. Crossover trainings from other diving associations (PADI, NAUI, SSI etc) are also conducted.

Scuba training with a BSAC Branch is available to anyone who is over the age of 14 and medically fit. Parental approval is needed for anyone under the age of 18 years.


We regularly teach beginners to dive, and it takes about 2 months to learn. Our training season starts after the monsoon ends, around March each year. Trainee Club Divers have to come to all theory and practical lessons in order to pass. Bring logbooks and workbooks (issued in training pack) to all lectures. There will be several pool sessions (not a fixed number, to ensure we build to the required level of competency). Once you have passed the theory and practical tests you will be able to go on your first openwater dives and get the Ocean Diver qualification.

BSAC Qualifications

At BSAC, diving skills are taught progressively so that each new experience is built upon step by step. Following basic training in the safety of a swimming pool or protected area, students soon complete their first open water dives to achieve Ocean Diver certification. This progression continues to Sports Diver and beyond, where open water skills and techniques are further developed and experience gained.

Ocean Diver

This course provides you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving. Learning to dive is all about learning to use your equipment properly and safely. The Ocean Diver training course concentrates on preparing you for this in the safety of a swimming pool or sheltered water and then introducing you to open water in a controlled and safe manner. This also gives you the opportunity to practice safety skills in the company of a qualified instructor or experienced diver.

Sports Diver

In Sports Diver training, the emphasis is on building a sound foundation of open water diving skills and experience through a series of structured practical lessons. Once you have gained this open water experience with a qualified instructor, you are ready to take part in dives with other Sports Divers or those of higher grades.

Dive Leader

Dive Leader training concentrates on the responsibilities and safety aspects of leading other divers on an open water dive. Practical lessons in rescue management and rescue skills will give you the confidence and ability to deal with those unforeseen emergencies. Leading a dive will develop your enjoyment, confidence and experience as a diver.

Advanced Diver

The Advanced Diver course further develops your knowledge and skills. You will gain experience in planning and organising dives at different sites and under different circumstances. Additional experience will be gained in using small boats, chartwork. navigation and many other related skills. The BSAC consider this grade a fully trained diver.

First Class Diver

The BSAC's highest diving grade which requires a higher than average level of theoretical knowledge, organisational and personal diving skills. The First Class Diver award is a culmination of a number of years' of diving experience. BSAC 1st Class Divers are assessed through nationally conducted examinations.

Familiar with qualifications from other certification agencies? See BSAC's table of equivalent qualifications.

Instructor Qualifications

BSAC Instructor Training courses are run once every few years in Singapore. The courses provide training and assessment at all levels for both amateur and professional instructors. Our standards are internationally recognised and, as the UK Governing Body, are endorsed by the Sports Council and the Health and Safety Executive.

Please note that to maintain proper quality control BSAC does not support lone semi-professional instructors, all instructors must operate either through a BSAC branch or a BSAC recognised school.

(Prerequisite::Sport Diver)

The first step in qualifying as a BSAC Diving Instructor, (including the Instructor cross-over programme), is to attend the two day IFC, where the essential elements of instruction are taught. The comprehensive student pack provides candidates with course notes and a copy of the BSAC Manual 'Teaching Scuba Diving'. Following completion of the IFC members who are Dive Leaders can further build their teaching experience by attendance at an Open Water Instructor Course (OWIC). Members who have attained Dive Leader grade can complete the Theory Instructor Exam (TIE) at any stage after attendance on the IFC. Following OWIC attendance and after further practice and experience at Branch level those who have gained Dive Leader status can apply for the Practical Instructor Exam (PIE). For details of the cross-over programme contact Central Bookings at HQ.

(Prerequisite:Dive Leader + IFC)

The TIE is of one day duration and could be either the Saturday or the Sunday. Performance in classroom teaching and theory knowledge is assessed. Candidates will receive further instructions once their application has been accepted.

Successful completion of all elements of the TIE & PIE will lead to the award of the BSAC Open Water Instructor grade.

(Prerequisite:Dive Leader + IFC)

This one day course which combines both classroom and practical activities is designed to develop the Club Instructor's skills so they are better prepared to teach trainee Club and Sports Divers in open water.

Subsequently those holding the Club Instructor grade can log teaching experience to complete the OWI certification process. Those who are not Club Instructor will be elligible to take the Practical Instructor Exam (PIE)

(Prerequisite:Dive Leader + IFC + OWIC)

The PIE is of one day duration at an Open Water Venue and could be either the Saturday or the Sunday. Performance in practical teaching in the Open Water is assessed. Candidates will receive further instructions once their application has been accepted. Successful completion of all elements of the TIE & PIE will lead to the award of the BSAC Open Water Instructor grade


Members also have the opportunity to qualify as a BSAC Open Water Instructor by attending IFC/OWIC/TIE/PIE combined events. Costs vary and details/application forms for each event are available from Central Bookings at BSAC HQ.

(For Instructors trained by other agencies)

These are conducted on a requirement basis.

(Prerequisite:OWI + Advanced Diver + Boathandling SDC attendance)

This course provides further coaching in open water instructional techniques, dive organisation, dive leadership and boat diving, preparing candidates for the Advanced Instructor examination.

(Prerequisite:OWI + AIC + Advanced Diver + Boathandling SDC attendance)

The theory examination is taken in advance of the practical using local IFC and CIE venues. Those who pass the theory examination are invited to take the practical examination which takes place over one weekend. Candidates will receive further instructions once their application is accepted.


Members also have the opportunity to qualify as a BSAC Advanced Instructor by attending AIC/AIE combined events. Costs vary and details/application forms for each event are available from Central Bookings at BSAC HQ.


The examination is open to Advanced Instructors who have passed the First Class Diver theory exam within the past two years. The practical examination takes place in early summer.

Skill Development Courses

BSAC has a wide range of Skill Development Courses. The following qualifications are offered by Blue Barracuda or conducted under the regional Coaching Scheme under the guidance of National Instructors and First Class Divers, and are conducted outside of BSAC Diver and Instructor qualifications.

Nitrox Diver

(EANx) Understand the subject of Enriched Air Nitrox diving. This comprehensive course covers the safety aspects of using Nitrox, mixing and analysis and the management and organisation of dives using Nitrox as a main diving gas.

Advanced Nitrox Diver

Teaches the use of a range of Nitrox mixes both as a bottom gas and as a decompression gas in a separate stage bottle. Gases covered in the course include the use of the BSAC Nitrox Tables for 21%(Air), 27%, 32% and 36% Nitrox mixes. A set of Nitrox dive tables and planning slate included in the course materials.

Note that the Combined Nitrox Course consists of the Nitrox course and the Advanced Nitrox Course.

Extended Range Diving

This three day course promotes more efficient, successful and safe deep diving techniques and encourages a responsible and flexible approach to extended range diving. Identifies the areas of potential problem, discusses the possibilities of management and resolution in practice.

Use of twin tanks, stage bottles and reels are included in the course.

Oxygen Administration

The value of oxygen in the first aid treatment of decompression sickness is well established. An A to Z course on equipment and techniques.

Boat Handling

Designed to give you an insight into the safe handling of small boats. Seamanship, tides and the weather. Boat handling is one of the most popular courses for divers.

Diver Cox'n

An 1 day practical assessment from which successful candidates will gain the BSAC Diver Cox'n qualification.

Chartwork & Position Fixing

This course provides an introduction to the art of marine chartwork and tidal predictions. Ideal for those looking for wrecks or new dive sites.