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Dive Destinations

The Blue Barracuda Club frequents a wide variety of destinations off the east coast of Malaysia to cater to divers with different interests. The regional waters are generally warm (around 28 celcius) and diveable during most of the year starting around March until October. The north east monsoon limits diving from November till February, during which overseas trips to Indonesia and Thailand present viable options. The range of trips include:

  • Reefs
  • Overseas trips
  • Liveaboard trips
  • Wreck Diving
  • Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox
  • Mix Gas (Trimix)

Trips commonly include the reefs around Pulau Aur, Pulau Tioman and Tokong Bahara, easily accessible and ideal for those looking for a quick weekend getaway from our busy work schedules.

Many trips may also include areas of the Endau/Rompin coast such as Pulau Varella, Kuantan Wreck, Seribuat, Rompin Wreck, where dives average 20-25 metres maximum depth.

Deeper dives for qualified Extended Range divers and mix gas divers include Kemaman, Seven Skies, HMS Repulse, HMS Prince of Whales, British Tanker, and many others. On occasion, we will also conduct trips to further locations such as Redang, the Malaysian west coast, Indonesian waters and other destinations around the world.

Our senior divers regularly conduct exploratory expeditions to dive sites previously unknown to the Club, and as a result, we are constantly discovering and adding new destinations to those already familiar to the Club.