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About The Club

Who we are, what do we do, where do we do it!

We are a group of BSAC qualified scuba divers and are o­ne of several Singapore branches of the British Sub-Aqua Club or better known among divers as “BSAC”.

Blue Barracuda Dive Club had its beginnings with a gathering of young enthusiastic scuba divers who were trained under the BSAC scuba diving syllabus. These young divers soon realized that the BSAC training syllabus gave divers a sound platform to pursue this sport in a safe manner but also encouraged development in skills and adventurism within safe limits. With that in mind, a common bond in the love of the sea and a keen sense of adventure, they came together over o­ne post-dive pot-luck dinner in 2003 and started the Blue Barracuda Dive Club.

Since that evening, the group registered with the British Sub-Aqua Club headquarters in the United Kingdom to become its 2362nd branch. The branch took the name “Blue Barracuda” as it reflected the group’s sense of adventure and love for the sea.

We aim to: -

  • Promote safety in scuba diving by encouraging and facilitating the development of safety techniques for scuba diving as a sport
  • Facilitate training and provide opportunities for scuba-diving as a sport in accordance with the standards of the British Sub-Aqua Club.
  • Provide members with an avenue to channel their energies in the wholesome pursuit of sports scuba diving achievement and excellence.
  • Train scuba divers to develop their potential in terms of safety and ability.
  • Promote friendship among scuba divers and enthusiasts.

What Are We Up To Now?

Blue Barracuda conducts several BSAC scuba-diving courses during the year, ranging from the BSAC Ocean Diver Course for beginners, to the BSAC Combined Nitrox Course which trains scuba divers in the safe usage of oxygen enriched gas mixtures. Our dive instructors also regularly work with the Singapore BSAC Regional Coaching Team to conduct other BSAC courses.

Apart from training, we also organize dive trips and other social gatherings for our branch members.

We are not alone

Blue Barracuda is one of many BSAC clubs and schools. In Singapore, these consists of:

Leeway Sub-Aquatic Paradise
BS-AC SCHOOL 316M.V. Empress
BS-AC SCHOOL 395Mata Ikan School
SPECIAL BRANCH 758The Tanglin Club
BS-AC BRANCH 854Dive Club 854
BS-AC BRANCH 1189Kampong Glam Dive Club
BS-AC BRANCH 1379Kallang Dive Club
SPECIAL BRANCH 1985Raffles Marina
BS-AC BRANCH 2362Blue Barracuda Divers
BS-AC BRANCH 2377V3 Aquatic Club
Some essential BSAC links for our club members: