Five supernatural stories written by Dublin author, John Connolly.
Read by Tony Doyle.
Producer: Lawrence Jackson
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2000.

Episode 1 - The Erlking
A man relives childhood memories of the forest spirit who came prying at the windowpane and cast a blight upon his life.

Episode 2 - Mr Pettinger's Demon
A priest is sent to investigate the incumbent at a remote parish church. Has his colleague uncovered an ancient evil?

Episode 3 - Mr Gray's Folly
An unsightly building in the grounds of a country house harbours an ancient, irresistible secret.

Episode 4 - The Ritual of the Bones
Scholarship boy Jenkins is intimidated by the traditions of his new school. Especially the one involving some bones in boxes.

Episode 5 - Nocturne
Sounds of a piano played at night lead a father and his son into a confrontation with a malign adversary.