Published in a limited edition in 2016, PARKER: A Miscellany is a non-fiction companion to the Charlie Parker novels, using music as a starting point for much of its contents. PARKER: A Miscellany includes:
  1. Introductions to the first 13 Parker novels and Bad Men, including an as-yet-unpublished introduction to A Song of Shadows.
  2. An essay on every song to feature on the six CD compilations created for the books, with each song as a window on the Parker novels, music, writing, or general creativity.
  3. "The Music Lover," a long essay on John's life as a music fan.
  4. Revised versions of three essays previously published in other volumes, collected here for the first time: "The Origins of Charlie Parker;" "No Blacks, No Dogs, No Crime Writers: Ireland and the Mystery Genre;" and "Introduction to the Scorpion Press edition of The Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke."
At nearly 300 pages, the book comes in a red slipcase with a ribbon bookmark. Noted artist Neil Shawcross designed the detailed wraparound cover, in full color.

©2016 Bad Dog Books Ltd

Bad Dog Books Ltd (Ireland)
HB - 285 pages - 04/05/2016 (Ireland) - ISBN: 9780957652613

With the red slipcase

Signing page

Soundtracks box cover

  1. HB Private Distribution: 'This limited edition of Parker: A Miscellany, numbered I-XX for private distribution, has been signed by both the author, John Connolly, and the cover artist, Neil Shawcross.'  #XVII of XX [17 of 20] in black slipcase with red ribbon bookmark (signed by John and Neil Shawcross)
  2. Soundtracks Vols I-VI CD Box (box of all six of the Charlie Parker CDs issued to date) (signed by John) (came with 1. above)
  3. HB Limited Edition: 'This edition of Parker: A Miscellany is limited to 900 copies, each of which has been signed by the author.' #122 of 900 in red slipcase with red ribbon bookmark (signed)
  4. Soundtracks Vols I-VI CD Box (box of all six of the Charlie Parker CDs issued to date) (unsigned) (came with 3. above)