NF03: 2013: I LIVE HERE

A short chapbook from John Connolly on his influences from horror books and movies to mystery fiction, with the jumping off point being an uncanny happening. 

Because I am a being of almost inconceivable generosity, the kind who gives and gives and then, just when you think he can't possibly give any more, squeezes out just a little extra giving for the road, I've written a pre-Christmas bauble entitled "I Live Here," a 32-page essay-cum-ghost story, to coincide with the inaugural Grand Author Signing at Dubray Books in Rathmines on Thursday, December 5th [2013].

In case you haven't been following developments, the nice folk at Dubray Rathmines, one of my local bookstores (and I admit that I am spoiled by having not one, not two, but three bookstores within walking distance of my house) are holding an author evening—with wine!—attended by the following local scribes, all of whom [were] ready and willing to sign copies of their work as Christmas presents:

John Connolly
Jennifer Ridyard
Maurice Curtis
Alan Glynn
David Graham (winner of the John Murray Show/ RTE Guide /Kazoo Pub competition)
Sarah Harte
Arlene Hunt
Rosemary McLoughlin
Sean O'Connor
Susan Stairs

In addition, the store [had] a selection of signed titles from various other national and international authors on hand, because you can't beat a signed book as a Christmas gift.

As a small thank you, anyone who [came] along on the night and [bought] a book—any book!—or even [ordered] something from the store [received] a signed limited edition copy of "I Live Here" to go with it, produced by Nicholson & Bass, the printers who put together the limited edition of THE WANDERER IN UNKNOWN REALMS. Okay, "I Live Here" is a slightly less lavish production—I do have to eat, you know—but it's still a nice little collector's item to put in a stocking.

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PB - 28 pages - 05 December 2013 - No ISBN
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An expanded version appears in CO02: 2015: NIGHT MUSIC: NOCTURNES VOLUME 2

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