The photograph of an unknown girl turns up in the mail box of an abandoned house once occupied by an infamous killer, forcing Parker to confront the possibility that the house of John Grady is not as empty as it appears, and that something has been waiting in the darkness for its chance to kill again...

©2004 by John Connolly
©2012 Bad Dog Books / Introduction ©2012 Bad Dog Books / Illustration ©2012 David Wolfe

Hodder & Stoughton (UK, Ireland, Australia, etc.) (contained within)
HB - 416 pages - 11/10/2004 -  ISBN: 0340834587

Atria Books (US & Canada) (contained within)
PB - 406 pages - 22/03/2005 - ISBN: 0743270193

Hodder & Stoughton (UK, Ireland, Australia, etc.)

PB - 150 pages - 10/01/2008 - No ISBN (marked 'NOT FOR SALE SEPARATELY')
(Published FREE as a special edition with THE UNQUIET PB exclusive to Waterstones: 'This special edition published in 2008 by Hodder & Stoughton' on copyright page. The two books were published with a clear plastic 'belly band' to keep them together.)

Bad Dog Books (Ireland)
HB - 202 pages - 00/04/2012 - No ISBN
'The Reflecting Eye has been revised with an original illustration and printed as a limited edition, April 2012. The edition consists of 750 copies: 725 numbered, and 25 lettered for private distribution.

The original version of this story was first published in NOCTURNES in 2004.
It is set chronologically between CP04: 2002: THE WHITE ROAD and CP05: 2005: THE BLACK ANGEL in the Charlie Parker narrative, hence its position here.

Printed at the Bakery Studio Building, 61 Pleasant Street, Portland, Maine by Wolfe Editions and limited to 100 copies. (
Although not identified as such the print almost certainly depicts the Grady House.)
Signed by John, and David Wolfe.

  1. UK 1st Edition HB of NOCTURNES (signed) (contained within).
  2. UK 1st Signed Edition HB of NOCTURNES (contained within).
  3. UK Special [Waterstones] Edition PB (signed) - included with UK 1st Edition PB of THE UNQUIET (signed)
  4. Ireland LE HB (signed) - #591 of 725
  5. Ireland LE HB (signed) - #720 of 725
  6. Ireland Print LE (signed by John, and David Wolfe) #68 of 100 
  7. Ireland Print LE (signed by John, and David Wolfe) #69 of 100