Location: Heim House, 1320 Carroll Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Datum Point: 34.068976, -118.254016
Notes: See also Location 22.02

The City of Los Angeles recognizes structures or places with unique architectural, cultural and historical value as Historic-Cultural Monuments. The designation helps to protect distinct qualities and can also assist the property owner in qualifying for financial and other benefits related to historic preservation.

Residence 1320 Carroll Avenue (No. 77): Built circa 1888, this Queen Anne–style house has turrets, verandas and generous proportions of the architectural style which are considered as charming and unpretentious as the good Queen herself.

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Location: Shaw House Inn, 703 Main Street, Ferndale, CA 95536
Location Visit: 29 May 2015
Datum Point: 40.579089, -124.262056

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Notes: The Shaw House fencing has been updated and its sign reinstated (was it a B&B back in 1979?), but not much else of change here.

Scene 094: NIGHT
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Notes: With some minor remodelling and a lick of paint it's just the same!

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