Location: Berding Street into Ocean Avenue
Location Visit: 28 May 2015
Datum Point: 40.575048, -124.263800
Notes: Heading NE into NW. Another panning shot.

Scene 106: DAY
Image 106_001

©2015 Google (Image capture January 2011)
Image 106_001a
Notes: What was the 'Citizen's Mortuary' (as per the sign masking part of the Jeep) is now the Humboldt Cremation & Funeral Service.
Notes: At #246 Berding Street the old white church has changed colour and, in this image from 2011, is a residential property. As at December 2015 it is home to the FERNDALE MUSIC COMPANY and is used as a concert venue called The Old Steeple. It is located adjacent to Ferndale Cemetery.

Here's a view of the stage area inside.
Image 106_000

Image 106_002

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 106_002a
Notes: One utility pole has gone, but the rest are just as straight (for straight, read - crooked).

Image 106_003

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 106_003a
Notes: The white house has lost a utility pole, gained a very near new neighbour and turned pink with embarrassment!

©2015 Google (Image capture January 2011)
Image 106_003b

Image 106_004

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 106_004a

Image 106_005

©2015 Google (Image capture January 2011)
Image 106_005a

Image 106_006

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 106_006a

Image 106_007

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 106_007a

Image 106_008

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 106_008a
Notes: These five trees are quite a landmark in Ferndale. Another missing utility pole (far left).

©2015 Google (Image capture January 2011)
Image 106_008b

Image 106_008_Pano
Notes: The whole pan for you.
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