Location: 541 to 315 Berding Street
Location Visit: 28 May 2015
Datum Point: 40.575347, -124.263786 to 40.576883, -124.261927 (approx.)
Notes: Heading SW. Check the utility poles, power lines, stop signs and fire hydrants as much as any architecture to confirm location matches here.

Scene 070: DAY
Image 070_001
Notes: Ben Mears (David Soul) driving Jason Burke (Lew Ayres) to Danny Glick’s funeral.

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_001a
Notes: The NE end of our little journey along Berding Street. Foliage a bit thicker, but everything else is pretty much the same.

Google (Image capture June 2012)
Image 070_001b

Image 070_002

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_002a

Image 070_003

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_003a

Image 070_004

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_004a
Notes: The big tree to the left is the only major change here.

Image 070_005

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_005a
Notes: That tree again.

Image 070_006

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_006a
Notes: A few coats of paint divide 36 years!

Google (Image capture June 2012)
Image 070_006b

Image 070_007

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_007a
Notes: The building far left (#389 Berding Street) has been rebuilt since filming.

Image 070_008

©2015 Google (Image capture January 2011)
Image 070_008a
Notes: #389 centre top (with 3 dormer windows).

Image 070_009

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_009a

Image 070_010

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 070_010a
Notes: The end of the road (at least for this scene)!

Google (Image capture June 2012)
Image 070_010b