Location: Eugene Street into Francis Street
Location Visit: 28 May 2015
Datum Point: 40.575137, -124.265469
Notes: Heading NW into NE.

Scene 013: NIGHT
Image 013_001
Notes: Ben Mears (David Soul) drives along Eugene Street towards Francis Street.

Image 013_002
Notes: As he turns right (our left) a police patrol car turns past him in the opposite direction.

©2015 Google (Image capture June 2012)
Image 013_002a
Notes: Daytime view. They straightened that crooked stop sign. Woo hoo!

Image 013_003
Notes: The patrol car stops and then reverses...

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 013_003a
Notes: No reversing today.

Image 013_004
Notes: It's Parkins Gillespie (Kenneth McMillan) at the wheel, checking out the newcomer.

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 013_004a
Notes: As all good cops do, he's reversed right across the junction!

Scene 065: DAY
Image 065_001

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 065_001a
Notes: Got the angle almost right on this one.

Image 065_002

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 065_002a
Notes: This one, too!

Image 065_003

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 065_003a
Notes: A better match this time.

Google (Image capture June 2012)
Image 065_003b
Notes: A mismatched depth of field, Google, but it's the same place. Sign straightened, as above.

Image 065_004

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 065_004a

Image 065_005
Notes: Cullen 'Cully' Sawyer (George Dzundza) and 'Boom Boom Bonnie' Sawyer (Julie Cobb) are all set to leave town. They are two of the few survivors of the coming nights.

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 065_005

Image 065_008
Notes: They head off past Crockett Realty and out of this story forever.

Ian S. Bolton
Image 065_008a