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1979 autograph - Jeffrey Trotter

Hi Ian,

My name is Jeffrey Trotter.

I grew up in the little town of Ferndale, California, USA, where "Salem's Lot" was filmed.

I was a young boy (8 or 9 years old). I would ride my bike to town (I lived in the country area), and watch them film different scenes for the movie. I would watch David Soul and Bonnie Bedelia while they acted out scenes.

At one point during filming, some friends and I were watching David and Bonnie being filmed. At the conclusion of the scene, I tore a piece of paper off of a friend of mine's notebook and approached Bonnie Bedelia hoping for her autograph. She borrowed a pen and graciously penned her autograph for me.

Recently as I was going through some keepsakes of my younger years, I found the autograph just days before seeing a post about your inquiries. Here is a picture of her autograph...

ENJOY, Jeffrey Trotter.

©1979/2014 Jeffrey Trotter

Thanks for sharing Jeffrey. What a wonderful momento of the time.