My name is Ian S. Bolton and I was born nearly 63% of the way through the 20th century. I was, therefore, just in time to be in my late teens when the first episode of the mini-series was broadcast in the UK (on Monday, September 7th, 1981 at 9.25pm).

Always a huge fan of the Stephen King novel, and a big fan of David Soul (through Magnum Force, Starsky & Hutch, etc.) I was enthralled by the first part of the TV version. I even recorded both parts on my old VHS recorder (as it didn't even have a timer function I had to press 'record' as the programmes started).

That old VHS tape and the recorder are now long gone, but my love of the book and the mini-series have never diminished (and you don't even have to record anything these days, what with the advances in technology that allow streaming of television series and movies with a click of your mouse or remote control).

However, I'm glad to have the mini-series on two DVDs - one PAL (Region 2) two-disc set and one NTSC (Region 1) single disc - so that I have something tangible to call on whenever I want to watch it over again. I haven't adjusted to 'owning' digital formats of things quite yet. That's why I have a bookcase of Stephen King 1st Editions, whilst owning a Kindle; it's why I still have some DVDs of my favourite films and television series.

Getting back to SL. I loved the characters created by King and melded by Monash. The small-town mentality created by the former and preserved by the latter help make the mini-series what it is. Although I'm British through and through, I had read all of King's work to date, thus giving me an insight into that mindset. All the US television shows I'd watched to that point also helped - do you remember them: Rockford Files, Hawaii 5-0, Harry O, Cannon, The Six Million Dollar Man (and its spin-off The Bionic Woman), Columbo, Starsky & Hutch, The Virginian, Alias Smith & Jones, to name just a few?


Many, many thanks are due to my wife Jaine for putting up with my obsession and for being dragged halfway around the world by me. All my love to her xxx