Official Warner Bros release
  • Feature-length audio commentary by Director Tobe Hooper
  • International theatrical trailer
Finally, an official Blu-Ray release from Warner Bros.

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Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack Collector's Edition
  • HD Full Length release
  • Restored Theatrical Print
  • Trailers
This DVD is a fan based composition of unreleased or unobtainable material. Thus quality can vary, due to variable sources like VHS etc. No copyright is claimed on the contents. All rights reserved.

These were produced by an enthusiast, but are no longer available.

©2016 Ian S. Bolton
Front cover.

Ian S. Bolton
Back cover.

©2016 Ian S. Bolton
Blu-Ray Disc - Full length version - Approx 183 mins.

©2016 Ian S. Bolton
DVD - Restored theatrical cut - Approx 106 mins

The NTSC DVD here has one disc with the complete, uninterrupted version on one disc.
  • Special Feature: International Theatrical Trailer
  • Subtitles: English, French (main feature only).
Artwork & Photography ©1979 Warner Bros.
Menu design ©1999 Warner Home Video.
All rights reserved.

This is the recent (2014) DVD release. The only differences between this and the PAL DVD below is that the movie plays in one go (no changing discs halfway through), an international theatrical trailer has been added, and the menu design is 7 years older!

The PAL DVD here has two discs with the original first episode on one disc and the original second episode on the other.
Extras: None.
Languages (dubbed): English, Italian, Spanish.
Subtitles: Czech, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.
Art & Photography ©1979 Warner Bros.
Menu Design ©2006 Warner Home Video.
All rights reserved.