W - THE TRUTH BEYOND (the Wallander opera) played at Ystads Teater from August 13-21, 2016.

The beauty of this production was that it was in ENGLISH!

We enjoyed a great evening on August 20, 2016 at Ystad Teater. Although the production did have some weak elements, we did enjoy it. It's nice to see that, even though the film and television adaptations have come to an end, there are people still trying to push our friend Kurt onto an unsuspecting public.

On the day of his official retirement, Kurt Wallander is feted with cakes and speeches at the police station. A middle-aged man appears and introduces himself as Tobias Jonsson. He reminds Wallander that fifteen years earlier, an investigation by Wallander led to his imprisonment for the murder of his own father, Anders. Having just been released from prison, he wanted to see Wallander and reaffirm that he did not kill his father. After saying his piece, he apologises for interrupting the celebrations and leaves...

Matias Bocchio – Kurt Wallander
Lisbeth Rasmussen Juel – Linda Wallander
Johannes Fritsche – Anders Jonsson
Gustavo Martín Sánchez – Tobias Jonsson
Thérèse Wincent – Christina Berglund
Volker Bengl – Fredrik Berglund

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Homepage (in German, but there is a drop-down English option)

Here is the Swedish flyer for the Ystads Teater production:

Thank you to Ystads Teater and Ystads Kommun for passing me the information.