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Spielfilm UK / Germany / Sweden 2015

The diagnosis is as clear as staggering: Alzheimer. Kurt Wallander now has to deal with the fact that his life will change radically soon. Although amazingly caught, he can not find an opportunity to tell his daughter Linda. While he was still mulling over the right words, it comes to him with a further worrying message previously: My father Hakan Enke has all but vanished.

Instead of being located once clear about his own situation, which because of thoughtlessness suspended from duty Commissioner takes up the search for the missing and is soon in his element. By Sten Norlander, an old friend Håkan Wallander gets an unusual Note: This tells of a mysterious military incident in Swedish territorial waters in the 1980s, in which was involved from the sink as a submarine commander.

Because there is no other starting point for its disappearance, Wallander follows that reach far back track. The mysterious Americans Steven Wilson pushes him here on a long-kept family secret of the self Linda Hans knew nothing. As is his mother Louise found dead and Wallander found in her body intelligence documents, it is clear: Håkan's military past has caught up with the family.

More on "The enemy in the shadows"
By Henning Mankell's remake of world bestseller "The enemy in the shadow of" ending the British Wallander series. The renowned Shakespearean actor Kenneth Branagh slips for the last time in the role of the wayward Commissioner, to whom he gives a nuanced and sometimes melancholy profile in the BBC seasons. As brave as unheroic he plays the protagonist who wants to solve his last case, in spite of the terrible disease. With autumnal nature scenes cameraman Lukas Strebel illustrates atmospherically the Fateful the final episode. Benjamin Caron, director of the fourth Wallander Season, it is possible from a script by Peter Harness to stage the complexity of the plot and the characters pronounced tautly.

Sunday 26/12/2015 at 9.45pm on Das Erste (German tv station)

Sunday 05/06/2016 at 9pm on BBC1 and BBC HD

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Kurt Wallander - Kenneth Branagh
Hakan Enke - Terrence Hardiman
Doctor Öberg - John Lightbody
Linda Wallander - Jeany Spark
Louise von Enke - Ann Bell
Nils Ytterberg - Simon Chandler
Sten Norlander - Christopher Fairbank
Lennart Mattson - Barnaby Kay
Nyberg - Richard McCabe
Tobias Eliasson - Joe Claflin
Clare of Enken - Kitty Peterkin
Hans von Enke - Harry Hadden-Paton
Steven Wilson - Garrick Hagon
Simona - Boel Larsson

Screenplay - Peter Harness
Director - Benjamin Caron

Das Erste (German tv station)