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Spielfilm Sweden / Britain / Germany 2015

For days, every trace of the missing teacher Inga Hedeman which is engaged in the townships of Cape Town is missing. Wallander, just for a conference in South Africa, can be readily requests by local police for help: He is Inga's husband, the social worker Axel calm.

Because Wallander applied compatriot prejudice the police investigation by trying to put pressure on the press. First Wallander agrees, but starts after a conversation with Hedeman own research.
On an isolated farm, the Commissioner finds a necklace of missing persons and also two non originating from her fingers. With the support of the Cape Town colleague Grace Mthembu he finds out that the severed finger to the petty criminals Victor Mabasha belong.

This is now being sought not only by the police: When Wallander tracks him down in a bar, he saves Mabasha before the shots of a masked motorcyclist and the device in a dangerous car chase in the townships. Gradually implemented the Swedish Commissioner, that it already comes to more than a kidnapping here.

More on "The White Lioness"
The award-winning British director Benjamin Caron filmed Henning Mankell's world bestseller "The White Lioness" for the popular crime series newly. The focus is on the disappearance of the teacher, that seems to be associated with a bitter local election campaign and opaque real estate transactions. Starring Kenneth Branagh is the wayward Wallander, the is more to policing than by theory at a conference in Cape Town. At his side, the South African Bonnie Mbuli plays a confident cop. Skillfully uses cameraman Lukas Strebel, the South African landscape with dusty desert images in scene and immersing yourself in the dangerous narrowness of the townships.

Friday 25/12/2015 at 9.45pm on Das Erste (German tv station)

Sunday 22/05/2016 at 9pm on BBC1 and BBC HD


Kurt Wallander - Kenneth Branagh
Inga Hedeman - Tessa Jubber
Mabasha - Lemogang Tsipa
Linda Wallander - Jeany Spark
Conference Delegate - Clint Wilkenson
Axel Hedeman - Alex Ferns
Colonel Julian van Heerden - Deon Lotz
Max Khulu - John Kani
Grace Mthembu - Bonnie Mbuli
Bernie Mewiya - Tumisho Masha
Detective - Clayton Evertson
Detective - Gavin Werner
Concierge - Patrick Madise
Local - Chris April
Meyer - Julian Koberman

Screenplay - James Dormer
Director - Benjamin Caron

Das Erste (German tv station)