3.3.08: LAKE & WOODS: CAR PARK [v]

Location: Snogeholmsvägen, 275 93 Sjöbo
Location Visit: 15.08.2013 (AWT02)
Datum Point: 55.549299, 13.708320
Notes: Parts of the film were shot in the Snogeholm nature conservation area, Sjöbo Municipality. Filming took place for several days along the roads and a parking space.
Notes: See Location 3.3.01: LAKE & WOODS
Notes: See Location 3.3.14: HOME: JANNEK LANGAS

Scene 08
1. Kurt parks up at the car park in the woods.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
1a. We parked up, too, only to find the dead tree had now fallen. It was also the wettest day ever!

2. Kurt examines Birgitta Medberg's abandoned scooter.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
2a. No abandoned scooters here - just an abandoned tree.

Scene 38
1. Kurt returns, like he does, to re-visit the crime scene.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
1a. The only crime here is the weather!

2. He questions the 'community service' workers.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
2a. None of them here today.

The tree before the inevitable.

©2010 Vladka Evelyn Tabáková
3a. "På vägen" (On the road)

©2010 Vladka Evelyn Tabáková
3b. "Cestou" (The way)

IMAGE SOURCE: BBC DVD; Ian S. Bolton; Vladka Evelyn Tabáková