3.3.01: LAKE & WOODS [u]

Location: Somewhere along eastern edge of Snogeholm lake.
Datum Point: Between 55.567734, 13.719762 and 55.573775, 13.717482?
Notes: Parts of the film were shot in the Snogeholm nature conservation area, Sjöbo Municipality. Filming took place for several days along the roads and a parking space. This was mainly shots of the environment and the nature of the conversation area and the Snogeholm lake, according to production manager Martin Ersgård.

See Location 3.3.08: LAKE & WOODS: CAR PARK
See Location 3.3.14: HOME: JANNEK LANGAS

Scene 00
1. The swans come in to land.

2. They are tempted on to land with food.

3. Jannek Langas means them every harm.

4. But he discovers a witness, Birgitta Medburg.

5. The burning swans try to fly away.

Scene 09
1. Kurt follows Birgitta Medburg's walking route.

2. He comes to a burnt area of ground.

3. With a makeshift cross.

4. And a burnt swan.

5. And Birgitta Medburg's burnt corpse. He has a murder on his hands.

6. Such a tranquil setting.