Address: Myrgången, 271 60 Ystad
Image Source/Information: BBC DVD; Ian S. Bolton
Location Visit: 16/08/2013; 25/06/2017
Datum Point: 55.428758,13.855031
Notes: Not far from the location used as 1.1.15: HOME: STEFAN FREDMAN in SIDETRACKED.
Notes: 2013: These images were taken during a very pleasant walk we took along the promenade. It was not part of my photo-schedule, but did give me a chance to identify a location for a future visit.
Notes: 2017: Pretty much the same as 2013.

Scene 03

Image 0085. Myrgången, facing East.

Image 0088. The approach to the beach.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0088a. The reverse view from the promenade. Note grey bin and double-trunked tree (just left of and above centre).

©2017 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0088b. Same view again.

Image 0090. Reverse view looking inland.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0090a. Check the roofline and colours of the huts, and the ivy-clad tree (upper middle).

©2017 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0090b. Same view again.

Image 0091. A uniformed officer guards the beach entrance.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0091a. Reverse view again. Same barrier with stickers, and red hut (left).

©2017 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0091b. Red hut (left) is now grey.

Image 0096. Kurt joins Stefan at the water's edge.

Image 0098. The bodiless arm has a charm.

Image 0100. Further enquiries to be made.