Location: Simrishamnsvägen 4, 276 50  HAMMENHÖG
Datum Point: 55.502657, 14.151871
Location Visit: 29.06.2015
Notes: Location finally confirmed. This was Frk Östergrens Café at the time of filming, but had changed usage when observed in May 2014.
Notes: My 2015 visit found it not much different and no business seems to be running here.

Scene: 58
1. Kurt meets Elinor at her workplace.

©2014 Google
1a. Image from October 2011. The background looks right to me.

2. Kurt and Elinor deep in conversation.

3. She is reluctant to talk.

4. Kurt gets the information he needs.

5. And makes ready to leave.

©2012 Hilda Lorentzon
5a. Almost the same view.

6. The whole set-up back-to-front. It looks quite spacious.

©2014 Google (Image October 2011)
6a. Distinct door handle. The CAFÉ signage in window was still visible.

©2013 Locka
6b. No longer a café, this is the latest usage. The CAFÉ signage in the window has now gone. The tiled floor is still present, though.

IMAGE SOURCE: BBC DVD; Google Maps: Hilda Lorentzon; Locka