Scene 51
1. Kurt arrives in his car.

2. The exterior of Vanja's block. Do you recognise this building?

3. Main access to the stairwell? Why the barrier, unless there's a basement? Or the block is on sloping ground?

4. The stairwell seems an odd shape.

5. It is triangular. This might suggest that there are more than two wings leading from it, or, more likely, that there are two wings that might not be 180º opposite each other. Image 1 above does not suggest this, but it doesn't rule it out either.

6. Are you familiar with this colour-scheme?

7. Is the doorway in the hallway behind Kurt another apartment on this level? This door opens inwards, which seems unusual.

8. Not designed by a Swede then?

9. The kitchen seems nice enough.

10. The hallway and lounge, too.

11. A nice sofa in the corner.

12. Is that a 'Wallander' on the wall?

13. Kurt seems to think it is.

14. It is definitely familiar.

15. And here is proof: 'P.Wallander'.

16. Vanja's son Peter appears from his bedroom doorway.

17. It is time for Kurt to leave.

18. There are just too many 120º angles here for his liking.