Location: Pizzaria Capri, Bellevuevägen 28, 271 32 YSTAD
Date Visited: 18/07/2018
Datum Point: 55.436373,13.811574
Image Source/Information: BBC DVD; Ian S. Bolton; Google Maps; Hemnet.se
Notes: This former petrol station site was awaiting redevelopment as a block of 26 retirement apartments at the time of filming.
Notes: Pizzeria Capri was a real business located here. After redevelopment of the site the restaurant was re-opened by one of its former employees at Regementsgatan 12, 271 41 Ystad, where it still operates.

Scene 26
Image 235.

©2011 Google Maps (Image captured 09/2011)
Image 235a. 

©2018 Ian S. Bolton
Image 235b. A closer look at the buildings in the background.

©2012 Hemnet.se (Image captured in October 2012)
Image 235c. As built, from a rear ground floor balcony.

©2012 Hemnet.se (Image captured in October 2012)
Image 235d. Reverse view showing former petrol station site.

©2012 Hemnet.se (Image captured in October 2012)
Image 235e. The whole development as seen from Bellevuevägen.

Image 236.

©2018 Ian S. Bolton
Image 236a. Looking across Bellevuevägen.