Location: A building on a country estate near Skurup
Location Visit: 16.08.2013
Notes: Identified by 'Smart Sarah' 11.07.2012
Notes: The basement of this building was used to film location 2.2.18: HOME: GUSTAV TORSTENSSON (2.2.18b).
Notes: This is one of my favourite locations for several reasons:
1) It is a beautiful building in a beautiful setting (can't wait to see the finished renovation);
2) The owners were so helpful. After leaving my card in their absence, they telephoned me to say I could visit at any time and have complete access to the building as far as health and safety allowed. Brilliant. Tack!
Scene 25
1. Kurt turns up at a childhood haunt.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
1a. Four years after filming the external artwork is still in place. It never was a hotel, but is one of a group of buildings on a large country estate and is currently being renovated.
2. He heads towards the entrance, spotting water to his left.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
2a. The Polish builder's car dominates the scene today.
3. He surveys the lake he used to fish as a boy.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
3a. It might well have been yesterday.
4. Kurt remembers hours fishing at the lakeside.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
4a. No fishing here today.
5. Inside it is practically empty.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
5a. And is still the case during renovation work.
6. Betty Laurensson leads Kurt through to the next room.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
6a. Furniture and light fittings may have moved but there's not much change otherwise. Even the floor remains, though hidden under a layer of builder's dust. Note the fantastically ornate wood-burner in the corner.
7. Looking back from the next room.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
7a. A few less paintings and curtains.
8. Hans Laurensson sits in a further room.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
8a. Though the room lies empty now.
9. Betty checks the old guest registers.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
9a. It's ages since a register was here.
10. Hans viewed from Betty's position.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
10a. People gone. Furniture stored.
11. Betty from Kurt's position.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
11a. The red-shaded lamp (top left) remains in place despite the piano it still sits on having been moved.
12. Hans solo.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
12a. And the paint still peels long after he's gone.
13. Kurt remembers a room with stuffed animals.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
13a. This room was so full of furniture that I could hardly put a foot on the floor! Made it for this image though.
14. And the remnants of taxidermy remain.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
14a. Alas (but quietly I'm glad), there were no animals left here. Some furniture survives time.

15. Kurt remembers it well.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
15a. Very attractive wood burner to left.
16. Kurt thanks his hosts for their time and trouble.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
16a. As must I very soon.
17. Kurt leaves when his enquiries can go no further.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
17a. My hire car doubles as Kurt's Volvo.
18. He drives away.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
18a. The 'hotel' is the building on the left. This is the estate entrance.
19. Off into the distance, away from this scenic location.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
19a. Back down the road that is location 2.2.13: ROADS 2213: TO EIDER DUCK HOTEL.

INFORMATION: 'Smart Sarah'