Location: Granhyddans Camping, Beddinge Strandväg 127, 231 75  TRELLEBORG

Location Visit: 18.06.2012
Location Visit: 27.06.2015

Datum Point: 55.364108, 13.429767

Notes: This was a strange place to visit in 2012. From outside, the complex appeared to be a low-budget holiday camp, open for caravans and tents. Inside this octagonal-shaped building, which you might have thought was a reception or clubhouse, it looked like a jumble sale. No reception or clubhouse and no facilities for either. There was also no-one there, despite my calling to make myself known. I took a couple of pictures and left this strange place.

Notes: My 2015 visit found the building and the site in a much more positive state. The jumble sale was long gone in the octagonal building, and it was being prepared to host a wedding reception. I was given permission to photograph from the hard-working staff.


Scene 43
1. Kurt and Sven enjoy a spontaneous meal and a chat.
2. But Nyberg has forgotten his wallet...
3. And Kurt's credit card has expired.
4. "We are policemen," they tell the waitress.

5. She is not impressed, and walks away.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
5a. Neither was I, so I did too...