2.1.10: BANK [V]

Location: Hamngatan 18, 271 43 Ystad (building used as bank exterior)
Location Visit: 20.06.2012
Datum Point: 55.426869, 13.821953
Notes: External shots only.
Scene 12

1. The bank is in the building just to right of centre, behind the tree.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
1a. The 'bank' has a new roof and colour scheme.

2. And here is the 'Sparbanken Syd' up much closer.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
2a. It also has new windows. A nice refurbishment.

Scene 46

1. The fair is in full swing outside.

2. As Kurt approaches the bank again.

Location: In Simrishamn (building used as bank interior)
Location Visit: 10.08.2013
Location Visit: 11.05.2014
Notes: Internal shots. My 2013 visit confirmed what the chance discovery of the on-set image (below) suggested. At the time of my visit I was unable to obtain permission to photograph inside the building which is now a working bank.
Notes: I was able to contact the manager of the bank to arrange a visit in 2014. Thank you, Andreas.
©2009 Maria Ploberg
1. During a break in filming.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
1a. During a break in walking.
Scene 12

1. Inside the bank the front door behind Kurt is much wider! This seems more like Doctor Who's tardis! But it's simply because it's a different building in a different town!

2. And the front windows are now floor-to-ceiling height! This is a big space!

©2014 Ian S. Bolton
2a. Quite a lot has changed since the building was used for filming. This is as far back as I could get for this shot as the space is now much smaller since refurbishment.

3. It is not unusual to have a basement in a building of this age.

4. But this one appears to look out at ground floor level!

©2014 Ian S. Bolton
4a. Although Simrishamn seems pretty flat there is a drop in ground level here from the front to the back of the building.

5. Britta-Lena Boden is about to be a great witness.

©2014 Ian S. Bolton
5a. Almost the same but for the red couch and ventilation pipework.

Scene 46

1. The walls, floor and ceiling are remarkably true, and the room is large, for this age of building!

©2014 Ian S. Bolton
1a. The same view but the space here is now much smaller.

2. This camera may have been here some time, though. Upgraded since refurbishment.

3. And this, too. Upgraded too.

IMAGE SOURCE: BBC DVD; Maria Ploberg; Ian S. Bolton