Location: Övraby, Tomelilla
Location Visit: 22.06.2012
Notes: The property appears to have been unoccupied for some considerable time - quite possibly back to the time of filming. I was not able to gain access inside the house or barn.
Scene 00
1. The killers come across the fields to the farm.
2. The front aspect of the farmhouse.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
2a. And the abandoned farmhouse in the pouring rain.

Scene 04
1. Kurt arrives in his car.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
1a. We arrived in our car.

2. Kurt pulls up at the farm.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
2a. This was felt to be a safe enough distance at the time of arrival!

3. Kurt hurries to the entrance.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
3a. No hurry needed here. The property had been unoccupied for some time.
2. In the front hallway.
3. Outside from the field across from the access road.
4. What is the opening in the wall on the left hand side for?
5. An old-fashioned ceiling rose with a newer electrical connection.
6. The front door again.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
6a. Firmly locked this time.
7. The red barn.
8. Fields to the left. The access road to the right.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
8a. Fields to the left. The access road to the right.

Scene 20
1. A better view from across the field.
2. And closer. Water tank, red barn, and utility pole, with farmhouse in trees to the right.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
2a. Due to the inclement weather  I was unable to get a long shot of the farm. Instead I captured two identifying points instead: the water tank, seen lower left in image 2 (above), and...

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
2b. The outer barn door, seen lower middle in image 2 (above).
3. The open front door as Kurt enters the property. Note neighbouring properties in background (to right) and reflection (to left of centre).

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
3a. Same properties to right and in reflection.
4. That ceiling rose again.
5. In the barn.