1.3.18: BEACH

Location: Beach at Hagestad Nature Reserve
Location Visit: 30/06/2017
Datum Point: 55.379415, 14.138547
Info/Images: BBC DVD; Ian S. Bolton; Jonas Ranstam

Scene 34
Image 364.

©2007 Jonas Ranstam
Image 364a. The same tree a year before filming.

©2017 Ian S. Bolton
Image 364b. Alas, after the many severe storms the area has been subject to in the last 10 years, the silver birch shown above had succumbed (along with most of the coastline by about 10 metres). Just its roots remain (right).

Image 365.

Image 370.

Scene 36
Image 378.

Image 380. Kurt leaves the scene via the path through the dunes.

Image 380a. Thanks to the storms this location is almost unrecognisable.