Location: Bellinga Slott, Snogeholmsvägen 452-54, 271 95 YSTAD
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Datum Point: 55.527761, 13.716319 (main castle)
Datum Point: 55.52894, 13.71542 (building next to pond)
Scene 15
1. A long, winding driveway leads through trees and grassed fields.

2. To this grand building.

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2a. An image well before filming.

3. With this building nearby.

4. And has an impressive portico.

5. Large knockers.

6. This building is on the same estate. Pond to left.

7. It appears to be unused and neglected.
Scene 22
1. The main house at night.

2. The pondside building again.

3. Meeting the neighbour. Below a staircase.

4. The main house interior. Or is it somewhere else?

5. A grand staircase and hunting trophies.

6. A grandfather clock, panelled doors and a library.