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Location: To South of Västra Kustvägen 263, 271 92 YSTAD
Location Visit: 11/08/2013
Location Visit: 03/08/2015 (filming with Emily Barker)
Datum Point: 55.426049, 13.726863
Images/Information: BBC DVD; Ian S. Bolton
Scene 42
Image 0010.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0010a.
Image 0013.
©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0013a.
Notes: Due to severe storms since filming most of the sand has been washed away, some of the bigger stones have been moved and one of the trees has died. Without the distinctive wooden posts it would have been very difficult to match.

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0010b.
Notes: Taken whilst filming with Emily Barker. See video below and HERE.

©2015 Emily Barker