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Location: Near to Västra Kustvägen 609, 271 93  YSTAD

Datum Point: 55.418529,13.681353

Scene 39
1. S-bend in road. Note type of trees lining both sides of road and crash barrier to right.

©2010 Google Maps
1a. No long lenses here. In reality this is a gentle curve that bears almost no resemblance to image 1 above.
2. A bit further down the road.
Google Maps
2a. Access to left, with marker post, and two distinctive trees to the right.


Location: Västra Kustvägen, 271 93  YSTAD

Datum Point: 55.426904,13.757935

Notes: To the West of junction with Västerleden and Dag Hammarskjölds Väg.


Scene 40

1. Looking West as Kurt heads East.
Google Maps
1a. No long lens again.


Location: Västra Kustvägen, 271 92  YSTAD

Datum Point: 55.426526,13.707027

Notes: The flagpole behind Kurt's car is in the rear garden of a property in Musikgatan.


Scene 40
1. Is Kurt still heading east?
Google Maps
1a. No! He's now heading West out of Svarte!

Location: Römöllevägen, 270 21  GLEMMINGEBRO
Datum Point: 55.461509,14.010272
Notes: Aerial shot from NW following Kurt's car along road. Hammars Backar is in the far right background. He's now heading South, but on the other side of Ystad.
Scene 40
1. This is an aerial shot.

©2014 Google (image capture August 2011)
1a. And here's the Google Maps view.

IMAGE SOURCE: BBC DVD; Google Earth; Google Maps