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Location: Södra Revhusvägen 21, 271 39 YSTAD
Location Visit: 23/06/2012
Datum Point: 55.422453,13.835934
Images/Information: BBC DVD;; Google Earth; Jensenystad1; Albin Brönmark; Eddie Svärd; Fredrik Ekblad; Carl Johan Engvall; Ian S. Bolton
Notes: House demolished 14/10/2009 as per this article (in Swedish). The area is being redeveloped for industrial use. The gas-holder was also demolished before my visit.

Scene 11
Image 0104.

©2009 Google Earth
Image SR21_001.
Notes: Aerial view from same direction.

©2010 Google Earth

Image SR21_001a.
Notes: Aerial view after demolition (and even the remaining gas-holder has now gone).

Image 0105.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton

Image 0105a.

Image 0106.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton

Image 0106a.
Notes: All gone!

Image 0107.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton

Image 0107a.

Image 0109.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton

Image 0109a.

© (date unknown) Jensenystad16.
Image Jensenystad1_001.
Notes: When occupied (building, far right, with three chimneys).

©2009 Albin Brönmark
Image AlbinBrönmark_001.
Notes: Demolition commences.


Image SR21_002.
Notes: Aerial view before - #21 to right of centre.


Image SR21_002a.
Notes: Aerial view after - obliterated from landscape (even the remaining gas-holder has now gone). 

© (date unknown) Eddie Svärd
Image EddieSvärd_001.
Notes: The last gas-holder prior to demolition. Maybe a connection to Tynnes Falk?