1.1.21: QUARRY & CARAVAN [P][V]

1.1.21a: Quarry [P]
Location: Now in large pool adjacent to Röddingebergsvägen, 275 92  SJÖBO
Location Visit: 29/06/2015
Datum Point: 55.583911,13.796403
Images/Information: BBC DVD; Ted Eriksson; Ian S. Bolton
Notes: This location was a working quarry. The area where Stefan and Louise rode down to the caravan is now submerged in deep water. 

Scene 44

Image 0436.

©2015 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0436a.

1.1.21b: Caravan [V]
Location: Parking area behind Ystad Studios, Elis Nilssons Väg 5, 271 39  YSTAD 
Datum Point: 55.433929,13.843954
Images/Information: BBC DVD; Birgitta Persson; Jeanne Thomas Larsson; Ian S. Bolton
Notes: The caravan is long gone.

Scene 44

Image 0437.

Image Q&C_001.
Notes: The caravan up close at the quarry.

Image Q&C_002
Notes: The caravan in the parking area behind the studios.