1.1.17: BAR: MATS EKHOLM [i]

Location: Restaurang Sandskogens Värdshus, Saltsjöbadsvägen, 271 60  YSTAD
Datum Point: 55.427227,13.849801
Notes: This property has been refurbished and extended since filming took place. Driving past in May 2014 it appeared to have closed down.

Scene 31
1. Mats and Kurt talk over a drink. Trees outside windows.

2. This location is surrounded by trees. They can be seen through the windows in the background and in the reflection on the window in the foreground.

©2011 Ensaimada
3. The far left curtained window (partially hidden) is the same one as behind Kurt in image 1 above. Note the air conditioning unit above the window and the thin frame of the frosted screen (outside).

©2010 Bass Nilsson
4. As photographed for Ystads Allehanda.

5. Artists's impression? Or has it been through Photoshop?

IMAGE SOURCE: BBC DVD; Ensaimada; Bass Nilsson; sandskogensvardhus.se
INFORMATION: Thomas Nilsson (Location Manager)