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Location Visit: 23/06/2012
Location Visit: 16/08/2013
Location Visit: 13/05/2014
Location Visit: 30/06/2015
Datum Point: [PR]
Images/Information: BBC DVD; ystad.se; Bass Nilsson; Ystads Allehanda; Ian S. Bolton
Notes: This was the first filming location of the first series, commencing 14/04/2008. At the time of my first visit in 2012 the property was undergoing extensive restoration work. My second visit in 2013 shows there is still much to do. Visiting in 2014 shows some small progress. My 2015 visit shows that nearly everything is complete. Further visit required for internal shots.

Scene 20 

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2014 update: these 3 windows have now been replaced by full-length folding glass doors.

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Ian S. Bolton
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©2008 Bass Nilsson
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Notes: From the Ystads Allehanda article (in Swedish) about the filming (dated 14/04/2008).
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(The information below was translated from an article no longer available on www.ystad.se. It was dated before the current renovation works commenced.)

Built: 1934 (Rebuilt 1962)
Architect: Sture Westberg (Sven Johansson 1962)
Number of floors: 2
Base; Grey (reddish) concrete
Walls: Grey fibre-cement tiles
Roof: flat roofs
Details: Brown all over windows, narrow and tall. Brown teak door with a pattern of squares. South-facing patio upstairs, where the wall is covered with red fish scale-pattern tiles. Canopy on pillars above the entrance. Completely overgrown with Virginia creeper.
Genuine funk ishus (ice house), façade sadly in decline.

Designed: 1934 (not built until 1936)
Architect: Sture Westberg
Walls: White stucco
Roof: Flat roof, black paperboard
Details: Brown 2-pane window. Brown painted masonite garage door.
Certain value as contemporary complement to the house.