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Location: Häckeberga Castle, 247 87  GENARP
Location Visit: 18.06.2012
Datum Point: 55.432127,13.825141
Notes: When not a filming location this is a busy hotel and conference centre.

Scene 15
1. The party, with external lighting artwork, is in full swing.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
1a. Lighting by nature.

2. Arne Carlman watches the report of Wetterstedt's death.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
2a. Took ages to find this one. How many doors can there be in a castle?

Scene 17
1. The party-goers remain as potential witnesses.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
1a. All gone now.

2. The now-empty party area, with dynamic lighting.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
2a. With all set-dressing in the room beyond removed.

Scene 19
1. The castle is located on its own island. This is the only vehicular approach.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
1a. With leaves on the trees and hotel sign replaced.

Scene 29
1. Kurt drives up to the castle.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
1a. More leaves and a coat of paint, but otherwise unchanged.

2. Kurt rings the bell.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
2a. But no-one is home.

3. So he looks for another entrance.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
3a. People here today, though.

4. Kurt's view once inside.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
4a. Except for the ceiling light and wooden panelling almost everything else here has changed.

© Buffan
1. The island viewed from the air. Vehicular approach from road behind.

IMAGE SOURCE: BBC DVD; Ian S. Bolton; Buffan