Location: Restaurang Skogshyddan, Neumans Väg, 271 60  YSTAD
Location Visit: 14.08.2013
Location Visit: 28.06.2015
Datum Point: 55.428825,13.841352
Notes: Filmed in the semi-circular, single-storey extension that is normally a dining room. The interior was totally modified by production designer Jacqueline Abrahams and her crew. Re-visit required for internal shots.
Notes: Re-visited and internal shots gained whilst enjoying a lovely meal. Go HERE for details.
Notes: Due to severe weather conditions this visit was reduced to a drive-by.
Scene 12

1. Lars is pressed by Kurt for information. Real trees in the background.

2. An unusual location. Why playing cards?
2a. Another view without set decoration. Trees visible through the window.
3. From outside (to right of image 2a above).

4. The restaurant from Södra Dragongatan. Dining room to left.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
5. From a rainswept drive-by.

IMAGE SOURCE: BBC DVD; restaurangskogshyddan.se; Ian S. Bolton
INFORMATION: Thomas Nilsson (Location Manager)