Location: [PR]
Location Visit: 18/06/2012
Location Visit: 27/06/2015
Datum Point: [PR]
Images/Information: BBC DVD; Hitta.se; Ian S. Bolton
Notes: The property was unoccupied at the time of my 2012 visit so I could only photograph externally. Business-carded to establish contact.
Notes: The same situation applied at the time of my 2015 visit. Business-carded again.

Scene 09
Image 09_002.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
Image 09_002a.

Image 09_004.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
Image 09_004a.

Image 09_006.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
Image 09_006a.

Scene 11
Image 11_002.

©2012 Hitta.se
Image 1.1.06.

Image 11_003.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
Image 11_003a.

Image 11_008.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
Image 11_008a.

Image 11_014.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
Image 11_014a.

Image 11_017.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
Image 11_017a.