AWT05: 01-06/08/2015

This trip was organised to tie-in with the visit to Skåne of Emily Barker, the singer-songwriter who penned the haunting theme tune 'Nostalgia'.

Although the duration of her visit was short, I was asked to include as many iconic locations as possible for her to visit. I spent all day on Sunday 02/08/2015 and Monday 03/08/2015 following up my enquires from the UK, and visiting the locations and their owners/occupiers to make sure all was well. This location manager job is hard work!

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Due to some last minute changes to Emily's itinerary I was unable to stay in the centre of Ystad near her as originally planned. However, the accommodation I managed to secure more than made up for it.

KULTURESTALLET was at one time a farm and/or stables (the name suggests the latter), but is now very nice bed and breakfast accommodation. I got to stay in their Svinsuiten (The Piggery Suite), which was charming. Being based between Charlottenlund Castle to the south and Marvinsholms Castle to the north I got to drive through breathtaking Skåne scenery every day.

Tuesday 04/08/2015

Wednesday 05/08/2015

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