CONCERT: 16/11/2012
As a member of THE REVIVAL TOUR at Other Room, Birmingham, UK.

©2012 Ian S. Bolton
Image 1980a. Please excuse the image quality - taken with a 2012-quality camera phone! Emily far right.

CONCERT: 08/03/2013
With THE RED CLAY HALO at Hoxton Hall, London, UK

I was asked to photograph this event for the folk music magazine for folk's sake. See the review HERE.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 2972a. During rehearsal.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 2837b. In concert.

CONCERT: 19/11/2013
With THE RED CLAY HALO at the Glee Club, Birmingham, UK.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0534a.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton
Image 0949a.

VIDEO FILMING: 05-06/08/2015
Video filming WALLANDER LOCATIONS in Skåne, Sweden.

We filmed a new video for Nostalgia (Wallander version) and also a docu-drama entitled In Search of Wallander. Great fun to do, so go HERE to see them both.