Scene 18: Location 01 

1. After the scuffle with Vanessa Redgrave the lens hood from David Hemmings's camera ends up on the grass between his feet.

2. But in the next shot he has to take a step forward to retrieve it!

Scene 05: Location 05

1. In the shot from behind the rag week students as they stop David Hemmings in his Rolls-Royce the entire film crew is reflected on the side of the vehicle.

2. Blowup: the proof.

Scene 06: Location 06

1. There is a reflection of the film crew in the sun visor when David Hemmings emerges from the tunnel of Joiner Street.

2. Blowup: Is this your reflection?

Scene 33: Location 07

1. When David Hemmings gets out of his car before walking towards his studio in Pottery Lane there is somebody's elbow visible through the open brown gate.

2. Blowup: Is this your elbow?

3. And as David hemmings sounds his car horn it is there again.

4. Blowup: I said, is this your elbow?

Scene xx: Location 07
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Once David Hemmings is in the telephone box there is a reflection of a bald man with glasses in the top right corner.

Scene 31: Location 08

1. When Vanessa Redgrave and David Hemmings are discussing the photographic film in his studio there are three colourful cushions and some newspapers on the grey couch.

2. But they have all miraculously moved only moments later although no-one has touched them!

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Scene 35: Location 08
[image to come]
1. The print removed by David Hemmings from the darkroom drier is stiff and perfectly dry.

[image to come]
2. But in the following scene only moments later appears to be limp and obviously still wet!

Scene xx: Location yy
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1. In the scene where Vanessa Redgrave gives David Hemmings her phone number there is a huge piece of coiled-up hair at the bottom of the screen.

Scene xx: Location 12
[image to come]
1. In the scene where David Hemmings purchases the propeller he is shown moving a few sculptures from an upper shelf.

[image to come]
2. But in the very next shot they are back where they were.

Scene 44: Location 25
David Hemmings’s haircut changes as he enters The Yardbirds’s gig at the Ricky Tick Club. It then changes back as he leaves.

1. Just before entering the main concert room.

2. Blowup: Hair looks normal.

3. So what happened to it?

4. Blowup: Whilst scrapping for the guitar neck, is that hand straightening his wig?

5. Now back outside it appears to have returned to normal.

6. Blowup: Outside.

Please let me know here if you are aware of any others.