06 December 2006
04 September 2009 (Chris Green)
22 & 23 July 2010

What was Andreas' restaurant at the time of filming has undergone major structural changes since 1966. Other changes include its name, with it becoming El Blason Restaurant & Tapas Bar.

Externally the differences are relatively cosmetic and unlikely to catch the eye at first glance - a different configuration for windows and doors and an extra floor added above the parapet (that you can only see from a certain distance away).

Internally, however, it is a different story. The property was completely gutted and remodelled and matching images from the film is now just a case of trying to match views out of the new windows!

Elsewhere, in the vicinity of the restaurant, things have not changed too much, so image matching was easy.
My wife Jaine and I had a wonderful meal there on July 22. The food was exquisite, the staff were very attentive, and the owner said she was more than happy to allow me to return the next day with my project materials and camera equipment to take internal images of the property.
©2010 Ian S. Bolton
1. Fine dining at El Blason.
Unfortunately, since that last visit, El Blason has closed for business. How much of this was due to the economic downturn and how much to the fact that its leading light, Carlos, died on Christmas Day in 2009, I cannot say. All in all, a very sad situation.
©2009 Stefan Lubo
2. Carlos in October 2009. He died of cancer on Christmas Day. RIP Carlos.

I wrote this post on October 3rd 2009, about yet another lovely lunch spent at our favourite restaurant, with our charming host Carlos Ulloa. Little did we know that he was battling with cancer, which he very sadly succumbed to on Christmas day. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him and I leave this post as a tribute to him and the wonderful people who work with him and to his family. Our condolences are with you.

Stefan Lubo

The holidays now far behind us, it was off to the Kings Road for a walk and some window shopping, followed by a long lunch at our favourite haunt, El Blason, a Spanish restaurant just off the Kings Road in Blacklands Terrace.

What makes it special, apart from the welcome, carpeting, panelling and well spaced tables, great food from a tapas snack to a full blown three course meal, a terrific wine list, plus brandies, vintage rums and much else is Carlos the owner, shown [left] on a previous visit and his team who make every visit memorable.

Today we had Jabugo ham, a wonderful paella, "Tocino de cielo" (Toucinho do céu) a sweet that is both Spanish and Portuguese, then espressos accompanied by delicious Cardenal Mendoza brandy from Jerez. A great way to end the week and start the weekend.



8-9 Blacklands Terrace is undergoing renovation again.
Opening in the Spring will be The Five Fields British restaurant. Here's a press release:
  • The Five Fields, a small Chelsea restaurant with room for only 40 diners, has big aspirations to create a fine dining room with a sense of fun. The team behind it certainly has strong credentials. Young chef patron Taylor Bonnyman comes from the two Michelin-starred Corton in Tribeca, New York, head chef Marguerite Keogh, was formerly at Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley, and pastry chef Chris Underwood is ex Tom Aikens. The restaurant's manager, Matthew Widdowson, comes from Bluebird and general manager Rob Kihlstrom worked at the three Michelin starred Eleven Madison Park. Rather than a starry chef barking orders, this is very much a collaborative team effort, with a modern menu mixed with classic French cooking making good use of seasonal ingredients including rare herbs from their own East Sussex herb and vegetable gardens.

I'm looking forward to visiting soon.