Make: Rolls Royce
Model: Silver Cloud III Drop Head Coupé
Manufacturer: H. J. Mulliner Park Ward
This Model Constructed: Between 1964-1966
Registration Mark: EVN 734C
Chassis No: SHS349C
When Registered: 1965

Where Registered: The 'VN' prefix was registered in North Middlesbrough, Yorkshire

Chassis No: SHS349C
Delivery Date: Jan 65
Coachbuilder: MPW
Coachwork: 'Chinese Eye' DHC
Body No: Z.37
Design No: 2045
Reg. No: C111
Delivered to: GBR
First Owner: Jimmy Savile... GBR disc jockey
Re-registered: EVN734C; used in 1966 British film drama Blowup
SOURCE: 'Rolls-Royce The Classic Elegance' by Lawrence Dalton, Edited by Bernard L. King. First published 1987 by Dalton Watson plc. 2nd edition published 2005. ©2005 Dalton Watson Fine Books Limited.
ISBN: 1-85443-208-7 The Classic Elegance: 2nd Edition - Casebound
ISBN: 1-85443-209-5 The Classic Elegance: 2nd Edition - Leather Bound

Number Produced:
Standard: 2,555 (of which 328* were fitted with coachbuilt bodies)
Long wheelbase: 254 (of which 47 were fited with coachbuilt bodies)
Total: 2809
Original Specification:
8 cylinders (V-8)
Overhead valves
104.14 mm x 91.44 mm (6230 CC)
4-speed automatic gearbox
Power steering
Brakes: hydraulic front and combined hydraulic and mechanical rear with servo
Suspension: independent front and semi-elliptic rear
Wheelbase: 123" or 127"
Weight (complete car): 4450 lbs
Tires: 8.20 X 15
Price (complete car): about £4,400
* This car is one of these 328
SOURCE: Rolls Royce Chassis Register, and Rolls-Royce and Bentley Photos, Reports and Books

Thomas' Rolls Royce actually belonged to Sir Jimmy Savile OBE, KCSG, and used to be white but was painted black for the film.

So I wrote to Sir Jimmy back on 10/05/2010 (WHICH WAS LONG BEFORE HIS DEATH AND THE REVELATIONS OF HIS DISGUSTING AND PERVERTED CRIMES) in the hope of learning more. Here's the text of his hand-written reply, postmarked 17/05/2010:

In haste
I always thought the car was destroyed as part of the film. It was a favourite of mine, but, being a lucky ex-coalminer it was one of 17 new ones so don't know if it's about - sorry.
Great memories!
Sir Jimmy.

Try as I might I cannot work out where in the finished film the car would have been destroyed. So, if anyone out there knows the whereabouts (or fate) of this car then please let me know here. Many thanks.