Bilston Street Island is a junction on the Wolverhampton Inner Ring Road, where it meets traffic from the east of the city via A454, and the southeast and Black Country via A41. It is also the access into the city centre from the motorway network at M6 junction 10, and M5 junction 1.

Bilston Street Island was the final major junction on the Inner Ring Road to be completed in the mid 1980s, though in common with the other major junctions, it has space for grade-separation for rotational traffic, despite the originally planned full grade separation being extremely unlikely by this point.

In the late 1990s, the roundabout was remodelled to include space for the Midland Metro tram system, which passes at-grade through the centre of the roundabout. This remodelling was criticised as causing the number of rotational lanes to suddenly vary around the roundabout, though this has since been rectified. Its poor local reputation remains.

The original junction design for this location was completely different to that constructed, with a tight partial cloverleaf interchange for anticlockwise traffic, and sliproads to a gyratory system for clockwise traffic.