Hello, and welcome to A4150, the A-road designation for Wolverhampton's Inner Ring Road.

Opened in sections between 1961 and 1986 (with some minor adjustments along the way), it started out as a very different plan to what is on the ground today. For a comparison of what might have been, take a look at the very similar Coventry Inner Ring Road (A4053), which was planned and constructed at the same time in a nearby, similar-sized city.

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Wolverhampton: What might have been...

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Coventry: What actually happened...

Several plans for ring roads around Wolverhampton have been proposed over the years, the most notable being the 'central ring road' in 1944's WOLVERHAMPTON OF THE FUTURE report, and an OUTER RING ROAD that has only ever had about 400m built in its original intended form (and that only within the last couple of years - see the WOBASTON ROAD heading East from the STAFFORD ROAD, just South of junction 2 of the M54).

Of the present layout ST. JOHN'S was the first to be opened in 1961. ST. DAVID'S was the last, opened in 1986, and passes under a bridge connecting the East of the city centre to Wolverhampton railway station.

The road was built as a dual carriageway with very wide central reservations to allow for future grade separation of the junctions, but construction suffered from cost overruns and a seeming inability to attract central government funding for the project, meaning that the planned grade-separation was never built despite the space being set aside, even in the 1980s. As a result, most of the road has a very green appearance, except for ST. MARK'S which has a car park on its central reservation, reached by an underpass from the city centre.

Effectively, therefore, none of the through carriageways (with the exception of the 2011 work in the ST. DAVID'S section) have actually been constructed, so the existing road is simply the collector-distributor lanes running between the junctions.

Although the road officially carries the designation A4150, this does not appear on any signs other than one on the roundabout at the junction of WATERLOO ROAD and JACK HAYWARD WAY, near to Molineux stadium. It appears nowhere on the Ring Road itself!

Here's a chronological list of when the sections were opened:

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There are 3 major roundabouts (all traffic light controlled)*:
There are 5 traffic light controlled junctions*:
There are 7 other junctions, which vary in importance*:
* Listed in clockwise order starting from the northernmost point (STAFFORD STREET)