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Personal:  Every person is different, but just because we are shorter than average does not mean that we will not be able to drive ourselves around.  Some of us may require physical adaptations including, but not limited to, pedal extenders, hand controls, seat cushions, power mechanisms for trunk and doors.  Many of us will want to disable the drivers side airbag (if we drive) due to our height.  For more information on court cases surrounding this issue contact me at:

Others of us may need adaptations or restrictions with regards to length of time behind the wheel, conditions of driving, and cognitive cuing.  Some adaptive equipment that can assist us in these areas includes cameras mounted to see directly behind the vehicle or into the backseat if we have children, GPS devices with or without voice activation, and power assist devices to be turned on under specific conditions.


Public:  Some of us may choose not to drive ourselves due to location, finances, physical ability, or cognitive ability.  Using public transportation at our height can be a challenge sometimes as well.  For more information please contact me at:

Elsewhere on this site I mentioned a caution of the attention of a certain type of individual who seems to be attracted to those with our height and weight.  This can be an awkward as well as potentially dangerous situation.  Always be aware of your surroundings and seek assistance when needed.  If your gut tells you something is off, something is off.

It is important to note that we are no more vulnerable than any other population.  However, unfortunately, many in our society would think that we are more vulnerable and act on that without our input.  Being aware of all of these things can only increase our safety.  Know yourself.  Be careful, but never limit your activities because you fear something happening!  Don't forget to live your life!