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Peer Support

Peer Support:  Peer support is emotional and psychological support given by someone who is in, or has been in, a similar situation as another.

I would like to set up a system of peer mentoring through this website where parents of people with Bloom's can assist other parents, siblings can assist other siblings, and we can assist ourselves.  I would also eventually like to build a system of knowledgeable, appropriate medical providers who can share and assist each other.

I am currently taking information from people who wish to be peers or be matched with a peer.  This will be heavily monitored and will be done in accordance with appropriate legal advice on my end.  Para-Professional support will be provided to mentors.


If you wish to be matched as either a mentor or mentee:  please send an email to with the subject line either mentor or mentee.   You will be contacted and asked to provide some information that will better assist us in making an appropriate match.