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Whether you live in a house or apartment, modifications can be made to ensure easier access to main functions of the living space.

In a house, it can be built or renovated so that there are various height kitchen sink, cabinets, and counters as well as similar things in various other rooms including bathrooms.  It may be useful to alter the height of a tub or commode.  Light switches can be placed lower on the wall, thermostats can as well.  Fans and windows should have controls within reach whether manual or remote.  Door latches, locks, and peep holes can all be adjusted.  Most of these things do not cost much to do either.


When living in an apartment, there are laws depending on the age of the building and what type of operating funding the building receives as to what things must be done.  Usually the public spaces of the apartment building will be considered under different laws than the individual residence will.  The landlord, depending on the type of place you live in, can request payment for modifications you make and may request that it is returned to its original condition when you move out, although they cannot refuse an accommodation.  Think of the same features to change in an apartment as you would in a home.


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